Welcome to my Faithful, Frugal Yankee home.

11824977_10155809976270386_1868582758092607494_nMy name is Elizabeth, but I always say “my friends call me Beth!” I love to eat, ergo, I love to cook. My tastes do not lean to the exotic, so my ingredients are always accessible. I believe in the adage, coined during the Depression: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” If I can create great eats with what I have on hand, all the better. That said, I rarely make the same recipe twice!!

This can be somewhat daunting, or it can be an adventure. Who is in for the adventure!! “In for a penny in for a pound!” means we go all the way, no matter the time, resources or money needed to accomplish the goal. Well, I will go all the way, but by using what I have on hand as much as possible. Oh, sure, I grocery shop – a lot!! I do not usually shop with recipes in mind, which is where the adventure plays in.

I only had a few years of living with my family, but many of my memories are of my mother and Nana (her mother) cooking. I remember Nana’s Sunday breakfast: eggs – sunny side up; bacon – crisp; toast  – Hillbilly Bread https://www.auntmillies.com/products/breads/107. My favorite food memory from my mother was her crab cakes and her fruit salad. Ironically, in my adult years, I reconnected with my brothers. And discovered that my older brother, Alex – https://areyougonnaeatthatdotcom.wordpress.com/ – is quite the gourmand as well. Goes to show, food is a great connector.

I also am living a fairly frugal lifestyle. My furniture has all come from Craig’s List, garage sales, friends, and even a few dumpster finds. Right now, it works. It’s comfortable, affordable, and for the most part, the furnishings all work together. Part of the adventure will be to create some cohesiveness with fabrics and low-cost, no cost accessories. I do have to remind myself to take one day at a time, focus on one thing at a time. I am not always frugal in my intentions!!

Come on in. I can make you a homemade glass of lemonade, topped with homegrown mint, and we can do some yarn work. If you get hungry we can set the table, warm up the stove, and create a tasty morsel. Most of all, let’s enjoy the visit.