Frugal Entertainment

I am making good use of one of my Birthday Presents to my self
When I first saw the ad, I went over to the site just to browse what was available. Before I pay for a subscription, I want to make sure I will get my monies worth. One of the programs they have is DR WHO!! So, I am binge watching!! At $6.99/month, it’s a great deal.

The other shows I couldn’t find anywhere else are: Campion; Mapp & Lucia (the original version); Cranford; Cadfael; Lark Rise to Candleford. Some of these are on YouTube, if you can get beyond the poor quality of uploads.

I also have subscriptions to:

Acorn (more British) – $4.99 –

Netflix – $7.99 –

Hulu (no commercials) – $11.99 –

Amazon Prime Video – $10.99 –

America’s Test Kitchen – $3.99 –

Amazon Prime (which includes everything) – $10.99 –

Pandora – $4.99 –

PBS – which is FREE!

That is a total of $51.93 per month to watch, and listen to, just what I want. Commercial free! I also watch YouTube, but it is not always the best experience. I pay $57.00 per month for internet as well. So, my package, my way, costs me $108.93 per month. I am not locked into anything other than the internet, which means if I am coming  up on a short month, I can put my subscriptions on hold. That’s a really nice benefit.

I can put together a viewing program that is just right for me. And my music is set to what I like, and commercial free. I know there is not another cable package out there (I’ve checked), that I can tailor to my tastes, that would be this inexpensive. It makes for Happy Frugaling!

So, to get back to the moment – Happy Birthday to ME!!

I have to get back to the TARDIS!!