Beth Dunbar

I am 57 years old, single, and living my adventure! Everyday presents new opportunities to learn, enjoy, experience – to live. I packed up and moved to Michigan in 2012, and began a new life. I have a lovely apartment, a good job, a handful of very good friends, and a hunger for food!!

Food figures greatly into my life, and I am always creating recipes. Someone may have a dish that I fall in love with. They may give me the recipe, or maybe they don’t. I’ll then go on the grand adventure of creating my own version. My dish. My recipe. My Yums!! It has to be frugal, so that means I will substitute ingredients that are similar, but costs less. Sometimes I’ll have an ingredient, and an idea. Then, boom – a recipe is born!

I also enjoy the frugal life in other areas, and hopefully these ideas will gel on this blog as well. Come along for the adventure!  Stay for the fun.IMG_0292

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