Frugal Eclipse

Did you see it? Was it as thrilling as everyone thought it would be? The last total solar eclipse was February 26, 1979. I was in Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. It by-passed most of the United States, so of course I did not see it. And I am not too sure the military would have allowed us all to run out of our training, put on cool glasses, just to watch 90 minutes of an eclipse!!


Fast-forward to 2017. I was so excited about the possibility of finally getting to experience this rather rare occurrence, but alas, I didn’t have the time to get those cool glasses. Plus, I had a physical therapy appointment ending at the same time our area would begin to experience any changes.

My appointment ended 15 minutes early, and as I was leaving the clinic there were several people outside were already oohing and aahing over what was happening. The Eclipse! I had already seen the footage from Oregon, and honestly that was the place to be. One of the fellas outside had a pair of those cool glasses, and he lent them to me. And I started oohing and aahing with everyone else.


Those cool glasses were lent around to a few more people, and eventually landed back with me. And I will treasure them. A moment in history that I got to experience, first hand, because of someone else’s generosity. My only regret is that my camera batteries had run out and I didn’t get a picture. But April 8, 2024 is on my bucket list!!



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