Sleep Study

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 found me heading to Detroit for a Sleep Study. It has been years since I have enjoyed any form of quality sleep, and this was step 2 in trying to figure it out. Step 1 was to keep a sleep log for 2 weeks.

Those sleep logs were actually incredibly difficult for me because I go to bed and get up in the same day. Most people go to bed before midnight and get up sometime the next day. With my current job, I work from 3:30-midnight, Thursday-Monday. It is rare for me to be in bed before 2:30 am, but I am always up by 10:30 am. On my ‘weekends’, Tuesday and Wednesday, my life is full of appointments, which means I am getting up much earlier. Did I say I don’t get quality sleep? Hmmmmm – I wonder why!

The instructions for this sleep study were as follows: Arrive Tuesday at 3:00 pm for registration. Leave, but come back by 6:00 pm for the start of study. Leave at 6 am Wednesday morning. I had a friend, who used to live outside of Detroit, drive me. Her daughter lives outside Detroit, so it was good for her. Plus, she got to write it off as a business expense.

We arrived at 2:30 pm and I was taken back for the registration. And then told that I would not need to be back until 8:30 pm! That gave us a nice time to have dinner with her daughter and fiance. Then, back to the location at 7:50 (my friend likes to be early!). We went up to the waiting room of where I would start the study, and my friend left.

There were 11 other people scheduled for this study that evening. And 8:30 pm came and went. We were then told that it really wasn’t going to begin until 9 pm, which came and went! Finally, around 9:15 we were taken to our individual rooms. The process of wiring began. There was only one other female in the group and we were tended to by a female, who was such a sweetheart. I was wired 2nd, and finally, lights out at 11 pm.

And the no sleep began. I tossed, turned, fixed and re-fixed my blankets and pillow. Try doing that with wires all over your head, face and chest. The people who wired us also watched us all night. They could see and hear everything we did. If we needed to use the restroom, we had to call out and then our helper would come in and disconnect the unit. Then, back into bed. My helper literally tucked me back into bed!

And then, it was 5:30 am, not 6:00 as I had been told. So, my window of sleep was 11 pm – 5:30 am. In that time, I probably got about 2 hours of sleep. Combined with the 4 1/2 from Monday night – I was sleep-deprived! However, I did get a free shower out of the deal!

Today, Thursday August 10, I slept most of the day. Good thing I took the day off. I will also be taking tomorrow off so that I can do all the things I should have done on my ‘weekend’. Such is the life of the faithfulfrugalyankee!

Sleep Study Crop 8082017

4 thoughts on “Sleep Study

    • I am praying for the same. I don’t want to do the CPAP route, but if that is where God wants me, I will have to learn to embrace it. I won’t know for a couple of weeks, and refuse to lose any sleep over it!!

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