Peanut Butter

First of all, I must say – I LOVE Peanut Butter!!

I have been on a search for the BEST peanut butter and I have a few qualifiers. 1 – it must contain peanuts (duh!!). 2 – it must taste like peanuts. 3 – it must have good numbers. 4 – it must be inexpensive.

I don’t need gourmet peanut butter, or chocolate-flavored peanut butter. Just the nut will do fine. And I really do not like all of the other additives they seem to feel is necessary in peanut butter. So, with wallet in hand, I went on a search, and here are the results.


Everything from natural to powdered, it’s all here (not every brand or option, just what is available in my area – western Michigan)

Smucker’s Natural (L) and Jif Reduced Fat (R) – both creamy style (I don’t like crunchy PB)


The Smucker’s Natural only had ‘less than 1% salt’ added. Not bad. The Jif is reduced fat, but they replace the fat with corn syrup solids, sugar and other oils. Why they take peanut oil out and replace it with other oils is beyond me! The one interesting ingredient is pea protein. And then there is a slew of other ingredients that have what purpose, I don’t know. It’s Smucker’s all the way on this one.

Earth O’Sweet Just Peanut (L) and Homeplate All Natural Creamy (R)


The Earth O’Sweet Just Peanut is just that. There isn’t anything else in the jar. It separates just like a natural peanut butter, which means you have to stir it on every use. The Homeplate Natural has added sugar, but it’s cane sugar (isn’t that regular sugar?) and palm fruit oil – which is a not-good-for-you oil, BTW. And let’s not forget the added salt!! On this one, I will be staying with the Earth O’Sweet.

The last of the peanut butters I have on hand are store brands. Generic. Off brand. Whatever – they were cheap!

Spartan Peanut Butter (L) (this is our local Family Fair and D&W brand) and Market Basket (R) (this is Target’s brand)


The Spartan brand has added oils, sugar, salt and molasses. The Market Basket brand is just peanuts with added salt. On this one, I would stick with the Market Basket brand.

My final product is a powdered peanut butter. I have tried 3 of them so far. I absolutely love the product, the concept of lowering the fat and calories. I just do not understand the need to add sugars. I have yet to find a powdered peanut butter that doesn’t have added sugars.


Bottom line, I have my favorite – Earth O’Sweet. It has good numbers, with the exception of the fat. So, my solution is to mix 1 TBSP of the pre-made peanut butter with one TBSP prepared powdered peanut butter (1 TBSP powder and 3/4 TBSP warm water). This cuts the fat in half, lowers the calories and boosts the protein. And that is Frugal in the nutritional corner.

May your peanut butter always be smooth and your toast always crisp. Can you guess which PB is on my toast (hint – the 2 store brand jars are empty, the Earth O’Sweet and Jif are not open, and I didn’t use the powder)?






4 thoughts on “Peanut Butter

  1. I’m guessing Smuckers?? I also try to get the most simple of peanut butters. Personally, I really liked Target’s but my kiddos would not eat it! We end up buying the natural Jif. Love this post!


    • Yes, Casey – it was Smucker’s! I had to finish up all the already opened jars before opening a new one. I can’t wait to try the Sweet O’Earth. We have a local store that you can grind your own peanut butter – which is what I would chose over all of these – but it is over $6/lb. I will have to research further into the economics of that option.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jeff – Peanut butter is the ‘cherry on top’ of the staff of life – bread!! With all of my health changes, I can no longer indulge in the Fluff, but I have certainly enjoyed my share of Fluffernutters.


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