Frugal Friday – part 2

In the previous post, I commented about making these meals go as far as possible. So, I thought I’d give you the end results.

The second meal I made was the Penne with Moroccan-spiced Chickpeas and Tomatoes.

IMG_2210I think I died and went to food heaven with this one! The aroma of the spices was phenomenal and the taste, well let’s just say that in my less frugal days I may have eaten the whole recipe in one sitting! As it is, I have 2 more meals to enjoy this one.


The container that says chickpea spice blend has the leftover chopped almonds in it. The yogurt and almonds will be divided between the 2 meals.

Today was my final day of cooking, and it was actually 2 recipes. The first one was Arugula Frittata with Tomato-basil Salsa.


With this meal, I actually was able to get 4 servings from it. Bonus FRUGAL points!

The 4th recipe was the Mango-matcha Smoothie. In the end, I only divided it in two, but next time I will definitely get 3 servings from it. The key to this one – blend the recipe, without the ice. Then divide it between containers. Add ice to each one when ready to serve, then blend again to crush the ice.


My leftovers, or plan-overs if you like, will give me much pleasure for the remainder of my week.


Happy Frugaling

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