Frugal Friday

I finally succumbed – I bought into one of those meal delivery programs. Sun Basket to be exact. I have researched so many of them, going onto the different sites and starting a meal plan. This is the only program that allows me to order for only 2 people. I also needed gluten free options, and this one has the most options in that regard. I can skip as many weeks as I want, and they even changed my delivery to Tuesday so that I’d be home when it arrives.

The picture above is, of course, the delivery box . Inside were all the goodies, each meal in a separate bag. They were each labeled with the meals inside. And all of the ingredients were packaged and labeled.


One additional item is the recipe booklet. The directions are well written, and the added bonus is the nutritional information. Once I’ve made the recipe, the ingredient list enables me to make it again at a later time.


My first recipe was a success. And delicious. There was plenty left over for 2 more meals – each recipe is supposed to serve 2. Being a frugal person, I did all I could to make the most of the ingredients.

My only goof with this particular selection is that it was not a gluten free recipe. So far, I have not had any bad reactions. I missed that piece of information when placing my order – totally my mistake. The recipes are clearly labeled if they are gluten free.


The first night I made the recipe, I ate as much as I wanted. I then had another serving, for lunch, the next day. And today, I had the last serving. I did the math on this meal only. If I had to purchase all of the ingredients separately, it would be over $20.00. And, I’d have ingredients I may never use again. For example, to get three ounces of shredded cabbage, I’d have to buy a whole head, or one of those packaged coleslaw kits. Both would be more than I’d need, or could eat, in a week. So there would be waste, which is not FRUGAL!


My final Steak Tacos. I actually still have the jalapenos and the limes left over. The limes will be getting together with my last 3 lemons, for a lovely lemon limeade drink. The jalapenos, well they will find their way into other dishes, but a little goes a long way for me!

The other meals were just as delicious and frugal as the first one. I highly recommend Sun Basket.

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