Frugal Friday

In my life, I have a lot of Dr appointments. As a Veteran, with a service-connected disability rating, that means these appointments are free. Free is good!

My Va clinic is kind of cool as far as the ‘extras’. We get free coffee and goodies. And every once in a while they have gluten free goodies, but not very often.

Another freebie are the books, magazines and even puzzles. I bring some in, and I take some out. So there is a constant supply, without costing me a penny.

Two weeks ago, I had to go to the Battle Creek VA facility. While there, I decided to visit the canteen. There was nothing there that I could eat, BUT I discovered the BOOKS. There were 2 bookcases stuffed with books. I wasn’t sure if it worked the same way, until an older woman came up and returned some books, and took some books.

I had not come prepared to take a bunch of books, but I was brave. I loaded up on free books. While doing so, I also was listening to free live piano music.

The test I was there for was a gut-emptying test. That meant I got to eat free, radiation-laced scrambled eggs, with my own gluten-free toast, and free jelly.

And with all of this, I get travel pay.

Free never felt so good!!

Happy Frugaling.

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