Frugal Birthday Breakfast

I am a breakfast eater, and by far my favorite breakfast is pancakes. It used to be pancakes, bacon/sausage, orange juice and other assorted and sundry food items. But with the current gut condition (celiac, IBS, gastritis, hiatal hernia) I have had to dramatically change that. I eat cleaner, which in the end is much more Frugal. And I eat healthier. So, let’s get cooking.

Picture # 1 – The ingredients are a bit on the cheat side, but still Frugal. The blueberries and strawberries were in my food pantry package for June. I already had the syrup. The pancake mix (one of my favorites) was purchased, on sale, at Target.

Picture # 2 – I decided that I wanted as many smiles for my Birthday Month as possible, so let’s use the blueberries for affect. And not bad for flavor either!

Picture # 3 – The completed meal is pictured below. But, there is a story involved. The 2 cards are from my 2 besties – my lifelong bestie (on the right) and my Michigan bestie (on the left). The flowers (barely seen) in the vase were also from the food pantry package. The orange drink is actually carrot juice. Again, from my food pantry package. The tea cup and saucer were part of my Birthday gift from my lifelong bestie. Oh, to finish it out: the vase for the flowers was purchased from a silent auction many years ago; the crock that the spider is in came from a local thrift store, as did the place mat and napkin – rockin’ the Frugal!

Picture # 4 – The devotion for my birthday was titled ‘Be Satisfied’. I am!

PS – my apologies for the pictures being stuck together. I am still trying to figure out this website!!

Happy Frugaling

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