Celebrating a Frugal Birthday

From my Facebook page on June 1, 2017 (with modifications)

Today starts my Birthday MONTH!! I will be celebrating every day this month, big or small, free or$$. Or maybe just reflecting. I have been asked why I put so much emphasis on my birthday, so I’ll tell ya why.
#1 – My father did not live beyond 37 – I was almost 5 when he passed. I celebrate for him mostly, because he never got to celebrate with us.
#2 – I did not have birthday parties growing up, until my 12th (while living with my cousins in North Adams, MA).
#3 – My only other birthday party was a surprise put on by my bestie – for my 16th. There was another one that year, but I can’t remember who threw it!!
#4 – This year is also my farewell to the 50’s. It is the end of my semi-century! The end of my semi-centennial or my Quinquagenary!! I am going to leave the 50’s with a BANG!!
So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY – to me (it was on the 7th, BTW!!)

The painting of the rose was gifted to me by the artist – Ronald Shephard – and a mutual friend, on my 54th Birthday. Which also happened to be my 1st birthday in Michigan. It was a very (Frugal) conspiracy!!

I will be posting several updates on just how I celebrated this ‘special’ Birthday, and you, dear reader, can decide if I was Faithful, Frugal, or just a (Damn) Yankee!!

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