Birthday Supper

I would admit that this is the most expensive meat I have ever purchased. I did get an additional 5% off (.49) but it was still expensive. To justify a little bit, there are 2 meals represented in this one package. But, the rest of the meal had to be Frugal!


These went into the toaster over (which was a gift 5 years ago). The sweet potatoes were in my June food pantry package.


The finished meal. The beets were already in my pantry.

IMG_1998Very Colorful


The above picture is the dessert. The gluten free cupcake came from my June food pantry package, and the ice cream (gelato) was purchased.

Okay, I am not an ice cream eater, but June 7th (my birthday) also happens to be National Chocolate Ice Cream Day! Well, why not?! I will get at least 4 servings out of this because I am not necessarily an ice cream eater. This also came from Target.


4 thoughts on “Birthday Supper

    • This is the 2nd time purchasing the Talenti gelato – the last time was, you may have guessed, last year on my birthday! I have only tried the Double Dark Chocolate and it is soooo very good! There are little pieces of chocolate chips throughout, so you get chips in every bite. One of the reasons I hold off on ice cream is the heavy fat content from the cream. Gelato is a higher portion of milk to cream, so it doesn’t have the heavy side that ice cream does. That said, I love the Talenti!


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