Birthday Lunch

Seeing a pizza box is an unusual sight for someone who is a celiac. Pizza becomes a luxury, and unfortunately an expensive luxury. Where I work, there is a locally owned restaurant right next door and most of my co-workers patronize it at least once a week (was it planned?!!). I had visited them on one of my first days on the new job just to see what they did have for gluten free options. Well, low and behold, they have a gluten free pizza crust. And they will work with the customer to make them a perfect meal. Okay, so a month later, I decided to take the plunge.



I had no clue what I would find inside the box, but I ordered a gluten free crust with pesto as the base. On top I wanted chicken, mozzerella and pineapple. I ordered the pizza on Monday (the 5th) which is my Friday. The last 2 pieces were eaten on Wednesday (the 7th) and it was still just as yummy. And the total bill was not as much of a sticker shock – $12.72, which included tax. That’s $3.18 a meal.

Could I have made this cheaper? Absolutely. Would it have been just as good? Probably. But, I don’t go out – ever. So for me, this was a treat, and one that I was willing to foot the bill for. And I enjoyed every bite of it!

Burnzies Kitchen – 3097 30th St SW, Grandville, MI 49418


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