Being Frugal When Sick

April 4, 2017 was the first day of my new job.

Lots of training. I am no longer in the insurance biz, and this job has it’s own language, it’s own systems, it’s own processes.

Lots of changes – one being that I work 3:30-midnight. Unless I pull over time.

Lots of new. New people. New routines. New rules.

What remained the same – I am getting far too old for all these changes!

June 7, 2017 was my 59th birthday. I am one of those ‘odds’ – I celebrate all month. But, this year is different – I will leave my 50’s and enter my 60’s in less than a year – yikes!

So, in just over 2 months – the drama was real. And my body decided to rebel. I think that, between the stress of all the new, all the drama (I am in a call center filled with drama queens and kings!), and all the germs being filtered through the air system, plus going from way too hot outside to way to cold inside – my body got the bug.

Can you be frugal while being sick? Well, that depends on if you have stocked up on certain things.

Water (always on tap – no pun intended!). Gluten free bread (in both freezers). Lemons and tea. Yogurt and kefir in fridge. Essential oils – peppermint specifically.

What I couldn’t ‘stockpile’ was a body temp controller. I sit/lay in an air conditioned living room – sweating. I turn off the air conditioner and open the windows to the heat outside, and am freezing inside. And my skin is doing the creepy crawly thing. Oh, joy.

Well, this may or may not be a Frugal Adventure, but one thing I know. One thing I believe. “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” 1 John 4:4 (paraphrased).

I will get through this. And the really good thing is that my new job gives it’s employees 9 days, up front, of PT0 (personal time off), so I will still earn money while being sick. Now that is FRUGAL!

What does your Frugal Adventure look like?

4 thoughts on “Being Frugal When Sick

  1. Nothing like being sick, especially when you have just started a new job. Personally, I swear by the Elderberry syrup I make each fall to have on hand and diligent hand washing. I am glad you are able to take time off to heal. Hope you are now feeling better.


    • Having worked in the call center environment for the previous 2+ years, I am very aware of the sweep of illness that goes through these places. God has given grace and protected me while others have succumbed. I guess I had to take my turn!! But, I do want to dodge that bullet as best I can!
      Hmmmm…. Elderberry syrup sounds yummy. I don’t live near any elderberry bushes, so any ideas? I also am allergic to most of the soaps and hand sanitizers that are in the restrooms, so I just have to make do with a good hot water rinse. Blessings.


      • Elderberry syrup is yummy. Rosehip syrup is another alternative I also use to make myself a tea from about an inch long piece of ginger, honey to taste, and lemon.
        I hear you about the harsh soaps and sanitizes in public restrooms. In the past, when my skin was ridiculously sensitive, I would carry my own soap in an altoids tin. I made it a rule to wash my hands whenever I changed environments – didn’t want to get public transit germs in my house! – and when ever I ate. I also tried really hard to never touch my face. Despite these tactics, I still get the occasional bug. You do what you can.

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