Food: Friend or Foe

Last Wednesday, March 15, 2017, I underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy – a double dose of fun! What was learned from the procedures is that I have IBS, gastritis and a hiatal hernia.

I had been talking to my doctor for 2 years, but for 3 annual wellness visits, regarding my symptoms. He really did not listen. For my visit this year, I took a friend in to act as my advocate. He was LIVID, to say the least. And then he proceeded to do his usual not listening bit.

But this time, I had the courage to push back. And get a referral. And ultimately get some answers. Some biopsies are being performed, and as we wait for more answers I have to really work on my food choices. I also have to work on my belief that God has a good end for this. He has a plan, that I cannot see, and I need to walk in it. Hard? You know it!

This past Saturday, March 18 I decided to purge my food pantry and fridge. This was a hard decision, mostly because I could see MONEY going out the door! Not Frugal!! What I did was take all the foods I can no longer eat down to my building’s entrance. I put a FREE sign up, and let the other 11 apartments enjoy dinner on me! This way, I was helping myself, and helping other families. Nothing was perishable, and it was all taken by Sunday.

I posted the following on my Facebook page today:

As I continue purging my foodstuff, I feel a bit overwhelmed. Food has been a friend and a foe. A FRIEND because it has been my go-to when I am feeling happy/sad/angry – yes, I am an emotional eater! A FOE because it would seem that most of what I have chosen to eat, in order to comfort me emotionally, has caused discomfort in my gut.

The longer I am on this journey, the more I wish for a one-size fits all cure. It isn’t reality, but one can wish!

This health journey¬†reminds me of my spiritual journey with Jesus. I got saved, at age 13, with a simple act of faith. I asked Jesus into my heart, to forgive me of my sins, and to be my Lord and Savior – Amen. I had a guide book – the Bible. If I follow it’s guidance, I will live a relatively good life (no, a good life is not promised just because I got saved). It is a life that has had it’s ups and downs, happys and sads, successes and failures. Perfection was not promised, in this life, either. BUT, I will stay the course, no matter.

As I continue to work on my personal health, I must also continue to work on my spiritual health. For all of it, it is a day-to-day, work in progress existence. So stay, I will. Stand, I will. Remain faithful, I will.

2 thoughts on “Food: Friend or Foe

  1. Good words Eliza.
    Hoping that your medical journey leads to a more comfortable life too.
    Alexa-asimplelife visiting from Sydney, Australia


    • The knowing is so empowering. I know, now, what I can and cannot eat. As long as I stay within those parameters, life is pretty good. Now to work on the sleep deprivation. They actually go hand in hand. I’m pretty excited about the upcoming sleep class I will be doing. It’s not a sleep study, just a 5-week class on the finer things about sleep! Blessings.


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