30 Day Spending Freeze

June, 2016 is to be a month that will forever live in my memory. Why? It was MY Birthday Month! I decided, in May, that I was going to celebrate as many days as I could – Frugally, of course. That meant gathering coupons, searching for all kinds of free things to do, and, perhaps, being a wee bit creative. And I did it.

I ate too much, spent even more than I had planned to, but, in the end – Loved every minute and have no regrets.

But, now it is July and it’s time to act my age and get back on the Frugal track. This month I will be on a Spending Freeze, as I did last August. I was inspired, last year, by reading the article http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2012/09/30/31-days-challenge-ground-rules/

Just the obligations, thank you. What will this mean for me? Not a lot will change, except I won’t go into a store.

I don’t have an appetite for ‘things’. I already live Frugally. No cable. No phone bill (I have a Magic Jack, which is a once-a-year bill of $40.00). I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t buy clothes very often, and if I do it’s usually at a thrift store. I do have a few subscriptions to online entertainment sites – Netflix; Acorn; Hulu Plus. And that’s about it. So, why would I do this? Because I LOVE to eat, and I eat well. But, this is the one area of spending that is totally discretionary.

And this is where the fun begins. I will be eating out. Out of my freezer. Out of my pantry. Out of Frugal, and creative ways and means. I have a budget of $200 for groceries, but most months I exceed this budget. So, the goal is to not touch that money this month, and be able to use it for other bills at the end of the month.

I have plenty of food that can be turned into wonderful meals, if I just use a little creativity. I also know how to make from-scratch foods, such as bread (I currently have a loaf in the bread maker) and other sweet treats. The biggest challenge to this will be time. I work full time, and have other obligations that go along with the job. I also have some health issues that are going to require attention. And, I start physical therapy this month.

I am up to the challenge, so let’s start with a few stats.

Money on Hand: $1019.65 vs Monthly Expenses: $2,000.00

Extra money is earned by trading in cans and bottles from co-workers. Here in Michigan, it is .10/item, which is fabulous. I average about $20.00 per month.

Stay tuned for updates and what I come up with for Frugality this month. I am ending this with a few other’s advice on how to do a Spending Freeze. I hope you enjoy. Now it’s time for me to stop and work on some menus for the upcoming week.

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4 thoughts on “30 Day Spending Freeze

  1. I just found your blog in the WP reader. I plan on following your zero spending/frual month. I have been on the fringe of frugal for a long time, but I tend to let my emotions run my Amazon account and need to fix my mind-set. Hoping to gain some inspiration from your blog.


    • Thank you so much for the kind, and encouraging words. I am an infrequent blogger due to the challenges of working 3:30-midnight (sometimes later), so I tend to create a few in one day, and then do nothing for a few weeks. But, always thinking about my frugal journey. I, like you, love my Amazon way more than I should, but I also know that if I purchased those items – mostly books and DVDs – in a regular store, I’d be paying out the nose. And I do enjoy the free shipping! So, one can be frugal, even with an Amazon appetite 😉
      People tend to think of being frugal as a real chore, or they feel guilty if they spend money. That isn’t the point. The point, in my opinion, of being frugal is to make your dollar work harder. I want my $1.00 to do at least $1.50 worth of work. And I do get a thrill out of my bargains. Watch for my post this week – hopefully Thursday. Blessings.

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  2. mrsmotherdirt – great to hear from you. I obviously have taken a hiatus as well. The work was all consuming, and health compromising. So, to be protective of my health – physical, emotional and spiritual – I quit yesterday. Now I have to put all I know about being Frugal into practice. I will be back to posting by the end of the week. Blessings.


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